Saturday 18th April 2009

Well they’ve arrived and I can safely say that life will ever be the same again. If I’m being honest, I can now understand why my Mistress said that she didn’t think I could be wholly responsible for my own pet. I have a burning desire to get to the rabbits. When I say get to, I mean that I am so distracted by them that I have tried to dig under their run and also tried to bite through the wire of the sides. Shadow is for once being a little goody goody and has accepted the rabbits quite calmly. Calm is not a word you would use to describe me. The very thought of Aristotle and Abby is driving me insane and when they won’t let me run round the rabbit run, barking and worrying them, I am inside whimpering asking to be let out. Aristotle is a tiny black rabbit, black from the tip of her twitching nose to the cute little rabbit tail that is stuck so neatly on the back. Abby is white with a grey nose, she’s a bit bigger than Aristotle is. Now I realise it wouldn’t be good if the rabbits came to any harm in my paws, but at the moment they are driving me wild and I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve certainly managed to worry my Mistress and that takes some doing. It isn’t jealousy because their toys look so good, or the fact that they have been given a whole carrot, when we only get a piece of a carrot. It is a deeper hormonal drive to get to the rabbits. I didn’t expect to feel this way and I’m not altogether sure that I can control it. At this stage a life expectancy of eight years is looking a little ambitious for the rabbits.


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