Tuesday 7th April 2009

I don’t like to boast, but my puppyhood is looking ever more angelic. Shadow has already introduced powers of destruction that my owners have never seen from me. I know all the arguments. I was ten weeks old and not eight weeks old when I moved in. I was a little more grown up and a little more mature. However, you have to wonder how a bundle that size managed to climb up and shred all four corners of the tablecloth in one night. I couldn’t stand on my back legs alone when I was that age. Shadow on the other hand seems to manage quite well in two legs and spends a disproportionate amount of time with all four in the air at the same time. She is showing signs of getting the hang of toilet training, but rather spoilt the effect by opening a carton of apple juice so that that seeped all over the floor as well. For my part, I will simply be relieved when she understands that no matter what bit of me she approaches, she isn’t going to get any milk from me.

I’ve been so busy trying to keep an eye on her that I quite forgot to tell you how pleased I am that at last they have listened to the pleas of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party and banned the testing of cosmetics on dogs in Europe. You have to say the whole process wasn’t awfully fair. Firstly, which should dogs have to suffer any nasty side effects and secondly, how many dogs have you seen actually wearing make-up? When you’ve got eyes as gorgeous as mine, who needs mascara or eye liner? I will confess that I am looking forward to the benefits of hair care products as I get older, to cover up the grey bits, but that’s as far as the vanity goes.