Wednesday 8th April 2009

Ok, I’ve had enough. Will someone take this small person away from me? If it isn’t bad enough that she’s ‘borrowed’ some of my toys, she has also commandeered one of my beds and a rug. Quite apart from that she tries climbing into my food bowl at meal times and she has a very annoying habit of jumping all over me. I was looking forward to her arrival but to be honest I’m starting to wish I was a single dog again. On top of that, after a quiet day yesterday she had rediscovered her voice and is producing a wide range of noises both when you leave her alone and when you are with her, it’s just different noises. Her feet seem to be fitted with springs and her teeth are razor sharp. Oh I like her, but in a ‘can’t live with her’ sort of a way. I know it will get better and she’ll grow up, but in the meantime I’d like to take a long holiday nowhere near here.

The tablecloth asked me to tell you that he’s had enough too. He was unceremoniously shredded again last night. In fact there isn’t much in the way of corners hanging down.

My Mistress has asked for a reprieve from collecting the rabbits. She would like a little longer for things to settle down with Shadow before she adds any more animals into the mix. If I’m honest, I can see her point. Maybe the hutch will just have to stand empty for a little longer and they’ll have to be ‘Post Easter’ bunnies instead.

I’ve been thinking about recruiting Shadow to the Pet Dogs Democratic Party, but I fear she may adopt terrorist means to achieve our ends. She’s the sort of dog that wouldn’t hesitate to stage a protest and a very noisy one at that. Maybe I had better wait until she becomes a bit more responsible.