Monday 6th April 2009

Was I ever that tiresome when I was small? Oh I’ll grant that she is incredibly cute, but what does she think she’s doing trying to climb up onto my back? She tried it from a flying leap, which was all very well but she has very sharp needle like claws. I growled, not too loud so as to frighten her, but loud enough so that there was no question that she knew her place. She opted to sit demurely by my side instead, a much better option for all concerned.

I am finding adapting is harder than I thought and I am finding it confusing that on the one paw I want a lot of reassurance that my Mistress still loves me more than anyone in the world, but then on the other paw it is nice to have a puppy cry because I leave the room. It will be more fun when she gets to a size that I can romp with. In fact on that particular subject, I would very much have like to bring her mother home as well, but I’m sure Shadow will grow up to be more like her mother with time.

I heard my Mistress ringing the vet earlier and I was able to sit smugly knowing that for once, it wasn’t for me. It’s only for a check up for Shadow but it will also be to arrange when her next injections take place. I suppose I ought to be sympathetic, but we’ve all had to go through it.

I was reading that lost of people are returning from Spain due to the credit crunch and leaving their pets behind. It’s all very well the Spanish criticising the Brits for being the worst, but I’m guessing that a lot of them are being caught out by UK travel requirements. It does make you wonder whether the UK regulations are more stringent than they need to be.