Sunday 5th April 2009

Shadow scores highly on the cute front, but she also scores top marks as a yappy, efficient pee and poo machine. I don’t bark in the house. If Shadow’s awake then you certainly hear about it. I’m already growing to love the times she’s asleep, when I can look at her fondly and forget the amount of noise she makes. So far this whole house training thing is more about theory than practice. The theory involves my Mistress trying to guess the times she needs to go and taking her outside. The practice involves Shadow running back inside and peeing on the floor. The bucket is out and ready. The kitchen roll is being bulk purchased and my Mistress is ready for a long slow learning process.

I am thinking, from early observation, that Shadow is one of life’s extroverts and is far less likely than me to grow up to be a writer. I can see her in advertising or sales and with her looks I think she might be very successful. She certainly likes the limelight and as a quiet and deep thinking dog, I’m more than happy to let her be out there. Maybe she could be a movie star. Perhaps we could make a successful partnership. I could write the movie and she could star in it. You can just see us on Oscar night, sipping from our water bowls and eating anything we can find. As long as she makes less noise in the limousine on the way to the Oscars than she did on the way home yesterday we shall be all right.

We are finding so many ways in which we’re different. She seems to like sitting or even lying on the cold kitchen floor. I don’t. She prefers looking out of the window at the world, I prefer to be out there. It’s going to be fascinating watching her grow.