Tuesday 31st March 2009

My Mistress carefully avoiding standing on the frog was in vain. She had even been going to the trouble of using a torch at night to make sure she could see where they were. However, judging by the perfectly flat frog stretched out on the road, a passing car didn’t manage to be quite so careful. We can only think that the frogs were playing a game of ‘dare’, repeatedly crossing a road to see if either of them was chicken. It isn’t as though the pond is on either side of this particular road and as to why they should want to keep crossing it we have no idea.  Perhaps the joke should be ‘Why did the frog cross the road?’ Please send your answers to me to my usual email address.

I was reading the other day that there is surveillance of all the odd messages on Facebook going on. I started by thinking why should anyone want to read the drivel that is regularly posted by my Mistress and her friends? Then I remembered that I am using it to pursue my campaign to be Prime Minister and that could probably be regarded as subversive activity. Having said that, this is a free country with freedom of speech, or at least I thought it was. Perhaps that is just what they want you to believe. Perhaps we are just as much controlled by the state as some of the countries with dictatorships. Is this how paranoia starts, or am I just catching up with the concerns of the rest of you? Perhaps the Pet Dogs Democratic Party needs to pay as much attention to the civil liberties of dogs as it does to their human rights.