Monday 30th March 2009

There was a story last week about a car ending up half way over the edge of a cliff because that is where the sat nav directed the driver. Now, you can call me a stupid mutt if you want, but if the sat nav started directing you along a steep footpath, wouldn’t you think to yourself ‘this machine has got it wrong’ rather than assume that it is infallible and end up in a life threatening situation and with court action against you for not driving with due care and attention. It’s like the times you ring call centres because a company has made some mistake or other and they try telling you they can’t be wrong because it says so on the computer. Hello out there, the computer does what people tell it and people make mistakes. I hate to tell you, but computers can be wrong! I suppose it’s no worse than children relying on Wikipedia to do their homework without checking their facts. Wikipedia can be wrong. All those pages are just a collection of information submitted by fallible humans. It would be much better if these things were left down to dogs. Dogs are never wrong.

My Mistress came to a bit of a mental full stop with her writing the other day. She started devising odd exercises to generate her thoughts. I’m not so interested in the actual list of fifty words beginning with ‘a’ that she came up with or what she is going to do with them, I am more interested in what a psychologist would make of her state of mind with the particular fifty words that came to mind first. I decided she had probably completely lost the plot when she set herself the task of writing a poem using as many of them as she could.