Wednesday 1st April 2009

I have been wondering just how many internet blogs have been running for as long as mine. I don’t’ actually know if there is any way to find out, but I have now been writing my diary for over 3 years without missing a single day. That’s not a bad achievement for a dog in anybody’s book. I have wondered about delegating the writing to Shadow on occasions, when she arrives, but I’ll need to wait to find out what her standard of literacy is first. I suppose all things considered it might be interesting to let Aristotle do a guest spot every now an again, although there’s always the risk that none of us ordinary folks will understand what she’s on about.

We have discovered one small problem with having shovelled all the snow off the drive in the winter. Our drive is, or rather was, covered in gravel. The gravel got caught up in the snow and now it’s all over the grass. You can’t use a lawnmower on the grass while it’s covered in gravel. This has meant that my Master and Mistress have had to spend a lot of time down on their hands and knees, crawling across the grass picking up all the stones and throwing them back onto the drive. I can honestly say it wasn’t a job they enjoyed.

I’ve had a worrying thought. Given the current economy, there could be removals companies going out of business. What would happen if he one that is still storing some of our belongings were to come to an untimely demise? What would happen to my things? I’ve got a bed and some toys to worry about.