Saturday 28th March 2009

Talk about glutten for punishment. If being full of cold is not bad enough my Mistress has gone to the dentist to have a tooth out and a crown fitted all at the same time. I’m guessing she’s not going to be in the best of frames of mind by the time she comes back. Looking on the bright side, I can’t see her talking to me very much.


It’s official, the lawn at our new house is so full of moss that the only thing it would be good for is a children’s soft play area, as when they fell off things, they would at least bounce. A nice man came and did a report on it for us and told us it had every weed possible. Now, although my Mistress is very happy to get some of the problems sorted out, as at the minute it is close to impossible to cut, she would rather like them to leave the daisies behind as they’re quite pretty. From a dog’s perspective, the whole spring surface makes thing is fun, although I am quite happy for the thistles to be removed.

Given the very basic construction of the fence that my Master and Mistress have put up to stop me and Shadow going to the far side of the garden, my Mistress was not impressed that a delivery man had climbed over it to leave a parcel at the back. It really isn’t strong enough to withstand and great pressure. She is torn between ringing to make an official complaint or simply not ordering from those people again. As a coward, she is thinking the latter approach is the more appropriate.