Sunday 29th March 2009

My mistress didn’t have a tooth out yesterday or a crown fitted. If she’d looked in her diary she’d have realised that was next time. If she’d thought about it, she’d have realised that before they can fit a crown they need to make it and in order to make it they would need to take an impression of her teeth, so she spend yesterday with her teeth clamped into horrible gooey stuff. Once again I’m glad I’m not a human.

I know I’m getting a puppy and I know I’m getting two rabbits, but I want a sheep too. More to the point I want the little black lamb we saw yesterday, it was just perfect. It could come and be the black sheep of the family and get into all sorts of trouble. I could even let it join me rifling through the bin.

I’m writing the manifesto of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party at the moment. I have pulled together all the policies we have developed so far and am working out what areas we still need to make momentous decisions on. I’m going to spend the afternoon working on my foreign policy. What should be our stance on the Falkland Islands or is that an area that is irrelevant to the voting dog? Clearly we need to consider dogs in war zones and what action we should be taking on their behalf, but I think our first consideration should be with the countries that eat them. I think we should have trade embargos with any country that eats dog, until such a time as it is made illegal around the world. I wonder if I could get my Mistress to make a stand and stop buying things from those countries as a unilateral protest.