Friday 27th March 2009

Well the wind is certainly blowing here. My Mistress says she’s never lived anywhere that catches the wind quite like here and I don’t think she thinks it’s an entirely good thing. It’s a good test of whether or not the hutch is going to blow away and the good news for Aristotle is that where we’ve positioned it, he stands a good chance of not having an impromptu flying lesson. The hutch is hardly aerodynamic and would be very awkward to steer, so all things considered it seems like a good thing that it is in a sheltered spot.

The lawn at our new house is not so much a grass lawn as a totally moss one. On the upside it makes it very springy to walk on and very comfortable to sit and lie down. On the downside it is a nightmare to cut and my Mistress has decided that on balance, the moss needs to go. Given the type of soil, I can’t help but think this is all going to be easier said than done.

I caught her. I asked to be let out and no sooner was I out through the kitchen door than I looked round to see her opening the cake tin. I just stood there glaring at her. How dare she think she is going to have a sneaky piece of cake without including me? I continued to stare at her until she relented and put the cake down and came over to the window to wait for me. Only then was I prepared to go about my business. How did she think I was going to relax with the dreadful thought I might be missing out on a piece of cake?