Thursday 26th March 2009

Sunday is going to begin before any of us are ready.  Under normal circumstances when the clocks go forwards, you would allow yourself the luxury of that bit longer in bed to soften the blow. At least that is what you might like to think would happen. I know there are thousands of people for whom Sunday is a working day and who are not allowed that little privilege and I therefore know that none of you will really feel very sorry my Mistress who has to get up in time to send James off on a school trip. Of all the days of the year to have to be at school of 7am this really wasn’t the one to pick. What’s the betting one of the children manages to oversleep? Fortunately for me, I shall be in kennels so can stay in bed. It isn’t often that I can honestly say that being in kennels is a better alternative, but this is definitely one of them.

It’s a reasonable assumption that if you turn on the tap and a low pressure stream of brown smelly water comes out, then there’s something wrong. You start by assuming it’s just you so you look around the house for the leak. Thankfully, on this occasion it wasn’t just us. It turns out that someone had gone through the mains pipe in a neighbouring village causing problems for all of us. James wasn’t impressed at being made to have a bath in it, but I like muddy water so why shouldn’t he?

One of the newly planted plants has not survived. I don’t know whether it is the wind or the fact that my Mistress was a little heavy handed in planting it, but it doesn’t look as though there is much chance of recovery. Surprisingly she has remembered to water the rest of them and they are looking quite well.