Wednesday 25th March 2009

My Mistress is taking literally the saying ‘feed a cold and starve a fever’. Fortunately, she has a cold and is happily feeding it. I keep begging for a nibble of the cakes she is eating, but she has pointed out that I don’t have a cold so I don’t need any extra.

There is a service from the Post Office called ‘Airsure’. It tracks the delivery of your letter to a foreign country, or at least that is what they would have you believe. In reality, it tracks your letter to the shores of the UK and it is then at the mercy of whichever postal operator it has been passed to. You cannot track anymore information and you have no idea why it hasn’t been delivered. In reality it is barely any different to any other postal service it simply costs more. My poor Mistress having been duped into using this service, is now stuck not knowing where the urgent letter she sent to France has got to. All she is left with is that they will compensate up to 100 times the cost of postage if it isn’t there in fifteen days. You can’t even complaint to a human being. The telephone number for enquiries is only a recorded message. She isn’t happy.

As if a cold and the postal service are not enough, the car isn’t running very well either and we are expecting to find ourselves stuck at the side of the road, calling for assistance, sometime soon. My Mistress has booked for the car to go to the garage, but it has to limp on until a week on Monday for that. I’ve asked if she can make sure we have got food supplies on board before she takes me anywhere in it. There’s nothing worse that breaking down and then being hungry as well.