Tuesday 24th March 2009

Well the good weather seems to have been blown away and replaced by some much more English weather. My biggest concern is the old saying ‘the north wind shall blow and we shall have snow’. I’m hoping that doesn’t still apply in the middle of March.

I can only assume it is because of the change in the weather that my Mistress’s wireless mouse has stopped working. She seems to think the gnome in the mouse has got a cold and has lost his voice, preventing him from shouting to the gnome in the computer. Now that the smallest person in the house has grown up a little bit, he has started to ask more detailed questions about the gnomes. Not as you might think to question their existence, he is more concerned that he can’t actually hear them. His is however perfectly satisfied with my Mistress’s explanation of the ranges of human hearing and pitches of sound that we can’t hear. He now not only knows there are gnomes both ends but that their speech is at a high pitched frequency out of the range of the human ear. His teachers are going to be so impressed when he can explain such miraculous workings in such a coherent fashion. They may of course also want to have a word with my Mistress.

I am currently sporting the latest fashion, which is to have a spotted pattern on my nose where the meat juices from the joint that my Mistress was carving fell on bits of me that my tongue won’t reach. She has threatened me with a flannel if I don’t do something about it, but I was rather hoping to find a way to get them off so that I could still enjoy the taste.