Monday 23rd March 2009

Every once in a while, alarmingly, things seem to improve. My Mistress had to go to the DVLA office the other day. Last time she had to go to the one in Stockton on Tees, she came away feeling depressed and angry that the service was so bad. This time she was shocked by how efficient they are. There she was with her book, ready to sit for an hour and a half waiting. Instead, within ten minutes she was in and out and found herself with time to kill before her next appointment. I like to think it may be because they took notice of my complaining on her behalf, however, if I’m being honest I suspect that is very unlikely.

The ducks might have found a new source of entertainment. There appear to be two footballs in the pond. Now I don’t know whether they have been using them as football’s or whether they may have been playing volleyball but so far I haven’t actually caught them playing. I’m going to have another look later as I imagine if I can photograph them in the act I could probably sell the photograph to some gullible person.

Next weekend my Mistress needs to use a train. The only problem is that the trains may be on strike. Now she doesn’t know what to do. I think she may be taking the ostrich approach and hoping the whole problem will go away. It’s either that or start walking now, which is all very well as long as she doesn’t want me to walk with her.