Thursday 12th March 2009

I am distressed that all of a sudden, the grass appears to have grown and it’s the time of year to unearth the mower from below a pile of winter junk. It’s always the same. First you find the mower and realise you may not have cleaned it up properly before putting it away for the winter, so you get it out and start to clean it down. Then one of two things happens. Either it starts raining when you are part way through the exercise and you have to put it away again, or the sun in shining and the day promising warmth, right up to the point where you realise that you have no petrol for the mower. You then have to decide whether to put the mower away and make the most of the sunshine or whether to go to the garage for petrol and guarantee that it will be raining by the time you get back. I suggested there was little point in bothering and that we should just move Aristotle and the other rabbit round the garden to chomp they’re way through the grass when they arrive. On the basis that six rabbits can eat as much as one sheep, or so I read in a book, if we moved them round the grass evenly, they should just about be able to keep it under control.

Before Aristotle and the yet nameless companion can move in, we need to build the hutch and paint it. The box says ‘easy assembly’ rabbit hutch, which on past experience means you need a degree in carpentry to put it together and very vivid imagination to follow any diagrams. The best ones of course are the instructions that have been translated from a foreign language on a very literal basis and which make no sense what so ever in English.