Friday 13th March 2009

In her defence, she was only trying to be helpful. My Mistress got it into her head that she would build the rabbit hutch ready for Aristotle and friend. With difficulty, she dragged the very big box out of the garage, pulling her back in the process. Then she manoeuvred it over the step of the garage, twisting her ankle in the process and dropped it, without incident on the floor outside. She had already gone to the length of cutting the grass so that it was all neat before putting a large obstacle in the way of the mower.

The outside of the box says ‘erected in 30-40 mins’. She got the screwdriver set and some scissors to cut the packing tape and was ready to do business with the hutch as she hobbled back with the tools. Expectantly she opened the box and carefully caught the instructions, just before the wind really got hold of them. It was then that she read that it can be ‘erected in 30-40 mins with two people’. That would be one more people than she had got and it seems for this purpose, I don’t count as a people.

By now her back and ankle hurt too much to drag the hutch back into the garage, where to be fair she only just missed dropping it on my little soft top car on the outward journey. So the box is now unceremoniously dumped outside the garage, waiting for another people to arrive. By which time it will be dark and as nobody has got round to changing the bulb in the outside light, it could be an interesting exercise. I trust they aren’t planning to build it in the dark. If they did the hutch could end up looking a most peculiar establishment even by rabbit standards.