Tuesday 10th March 2009

The issue of the status of the rabbits in the family has come up before they have even arrived. It seems that rabbits come rather lower down the pecking order and may not be afforded as many rights as the rest of us. On the one paw, I’m all in favour of self preservation and the fact that the rabbits are les important than the dogs is a good thing. However, I can’t help but feel that in my role as campaigner for the rights of pets, I may just have to listen to the grievances of the rabbits and add them to the list of campaign issues. I don’t think my Mistress is going to be the main culprit, she has at least argued for rather ample accommodation for them, but they may still have a number of grievances to deal with. They are not, for example going to be allowed inside the house. There will be no sitting on the settee for the rabbits, which may be as well so that they avoid being sat on, but they should at least have the right. Like all things in life, it’s important to have the opportunity even if you don’t want to take it. I suppose if they were going to see themselves as a different type of dog, they could join the Pet Dogs Democratic Party, but I can’t really alter the title to embrace rabbit welfare as well. Aristotle will simply have to start her own political party to campaign for the rights of rabbits, not being eaten or turned into slippers might be a good starting point. Every rabbit at the end of its natural life, should be entitled to be buried complete with its meat and skin. They are going to have a very long way to go to change attitudes.