Monday 9th March 2009

Apart from my new pig toy, which I have to say is very satisfying, Crufts seems to have made my Mistress appreciate me more than ever. With only four weeks to go until Shadow arrives, I must admit I’m rather enjoying the quality time we have together as although I know the upsides will outweigh the downsides of having a playmate, I will miss having my humans to myself.

Preparations for the new arrivals are now progressing. A rabbit hutch has been bought, for Aristotle rather then Shadow, together with a run and a few rabbit essentials. Shadow isn’t likely to want for very much if the packages are anything to go by. She even got bought her own miniature rubber chicken that’s a little version of mine. The only thing proving difficult at the moment is how to cordon off part of the garden that we don’t want her to go in. My Mistress has decided that it is in everyone’s interests to keep her from winding up Hector and Hugo, next door. To be fair, it is more me that winds them up, but I can see her point. I’ve almost destroyed the strip of grass where I run up and down to see if they will play chase, despite there being a fence in the way.

We have at last progressed to discussing this year’s holiday. As Shadow and I are to be included, it will be somewhere in this country. Unfortunately one of our number, the youngest child, doesn’t want to go anywhere unless it has an internet connection and doesn’t want to spend any time in the car. Another of the group will only go somewhere if we can guarantee that it will be hot and sunny and my Mistress wants to go somewhere that we can enjoy lots of nice walks me and Shadow, but it seems there is to be another round of negotiations shortly.