Friday 6th March 2009

I am both annoyed and worried. Annoyed because you would think with a title like ‘Discover Dogs’ it should be me rather then my Mistress who is going, worried because she might discover one that she likes more than she likes me. It’s Crufts and I’m not going but my Mistress is, in the hope that she can take us next year. I suppose in fairness she told me a while ago that unless I could guarantee my behaviour around other dogs, she wouldn’t take me and I haven’t kept my side of the deal. However, it is galling to find that rather then not go at all, she is actually going but not taking me with her. I suppose that I have to cling to the hope that she will bring lots of goodies back for me and Shadow, with the advantage that I will get a few weeks head start on them, so if they are edible there isn’t much chance of Shadow seeing them.

I can’t even watch television to see if she’s on due to a small disagreement between the BBC and the Kennel Club. It seems a bit much when the issue is only with some dog breeds, to punish all of us for the wrongs of the few. It’s not so bad though as my own breed won’t be represented there, so it wouldn’t quite so exciting to watch anyway. I’ll just have to wait until next year and see if I can go then. It would be most unfair if Shadow was able to go and I wasn’t.