Thursday 5th March 2009

There must be houses out there with people who do not have strong opinions. Well I’m willing to do a trade. Can I exchange a strong opinioned person for a more laid back person, at least as long as it takes to make the decisions on what is going where in the extension to the new house? Strong opinions of themselves are not a problem, it’s the fact that they are such different strong opinions that seems to cause conflict. Dark wood, light wood, carpet, tiles, wall lights, ceiling lights, free standing wardrobes, built in wardrobes. For every idea there is an equal and opposite idea waiting to be heard and that’s before they even take my views into account. Now about this shower idea, I don’t think I’m prepared to stand under running water, it’ll be like being rained on and I’m not a huge fan of that. Couldn’t we just install a muddy puddle for me to get into occasionally and keep the clean water for the children?

At this point my Mistress can be relieved that she has gone off flying. Ryan Air are considering charging passengers to go to the toilet. This could make it a very expensive option for nervous passengers and people with children or a health issue. It sounds like the sort of thing that some people might successfully argued fell under some sort of discrimination legislation, on the grounds of disability or sex. The sex one would be on the likelihood that more women travel alone with children than do men. I suppose on a brighter note, it would also affect those you drank more on the flight and would help to pay for the annoyance they cause to other passengers. I think they should weigh passengers and charge them a fee for the flight according to weight. On this basis it would be cheaper for children to travel but more expensive for those who failed to stick to their new year’s diets. But then someone would probably argue that was fatist.