Friday 13th February 2009

There I was starting to think that spring was on its way, when out of the blue, or rather the grey, came another blanket of white. My Mistress had gone out when it started. I sat looking out of the window wondering if she was going to make it home to me. Oh I know where my food is in an emergency, but I have difficulty turning the tap on to get more water. I know I should have been more worried about her and whether she was all right, out on her own, but you have to think about how you would fend for yourself in those circumstances. It would have been a bit undignified having to go to the toilet inside but I could have lived with that sacrifice. I suppose I should have thought how lucky I was to have provisions handy, if my Mistress has been stuck in the car, she wouldn’t have lasted long on a handful of glacier mints.

We think we are the only ones that don’t cope with snow very well, but as it turned out, my Master’s plane was delayed in Switzerland because of snow. It made me feel a whole lot better about how useless we are in England to think that the country of my ancestors can’t cope either.

The afternoon yesterday turned out quite strange and confusing in the end. James had come home from school and the next thing I knew there were lots of horses and dogs in the lounge with him. Somehow they had got themselves into the tv set. I barked and barked to tell them they didn’t want to get stuck in there, but in the end I was just sent out, which didn’t seem fair at all. He tried telling me it was just a film, but I could see they were real.