Thursday 12th February 2009

Given the tendency of history to repeat itself, Given the tendency of history to repeat itself (no that was a joke not a mistake! Anyway . . .) how long will the European Union last? Oh you can argue that we are all more civilised now. You can argue that we have learnt the lessons of history, but in reality have we? Now I don’t know what is happening in other countries as a result of the recession but in this country there are increasing numbers of strikes complaining about the use of overseas workers. With the freedom of movement within the EU, how can they complain if other EU citizens are working here? There are plenty of Brits working abroad. The EU is based on a free market. The tendency when the economy goes wrong is for countries to become protective of their own situation and not as willing for free movement of goods or people. How far can you stretch an agreement before it snaps? The same is true of the Euro. The measures which one country needs to keep its own economy on the rails may adversely effect another country within the Euro zone – then what? Is England the only country that is set to look after number one, due to a certain amount of short sightedness by those concerned or is this something that will happen elsewhere? Being a Swiss breed, born in Belgium and now living in England, I may have a slightly different perspective, but I hope no one is going to stand outside my door and complain that the role of pet is being taken by an overseas dog when it could be taken by an English one. I consider England my home now and the same may be true for the workers who are working here. Life was never that simple.