Saturday 14th February 2009

Humans never cease to amaze me. What is the point in developing the ability to ‘tag’ offenders so that you know what they’re doing and you know where they are and then attaching the tag to someone’s false leg? Now let me get this straight, that means that throughout the sentence at all times the authorities knew where the leg was and that the leg was not out breaking the law, but the rest of the body could have been anywhere and doing anything. This from the supposedly highest form of intelligence on the planet. Then you wonder why I suggest that dogs could do a better job of running the country. You need a system like our microchips. One rather big injection and it’s there for good. It might have a tendency to float round our body a bit, giving you heart stopping moments when you bring us through immigration and you can’t immediately find it, but fundamentally the system works. Once we’re chipped we are identifiable. Now thinking about it, I ought to be raising this as a severe infringement of our civil liberties and you chip us when we haven’t even done anything wrong and even then you don’t bother including a GPS link so that you can find us if we get lost. Perhaps all dogs should take their humans along to the doctor’s and have them chipped. This would have the advantages that you would know what it was like for us and you would for ever after be identifiable as our owner. No longer could you fake your death and reappear in South America as someone else. No longer could you evade detection. You would be marked for life. If you can do it to us, why can’t we do it to you?