Friday 6th February 2009

The snow comes, the snow goes, the snow comes back. Just when you think it’s safe to go back outside there is more white stuff falling down from the sky and lying around under paw. I’ve spent quite long enough pacing up and down indoors waiting for news on the puppies. I’d like to be able to do some pacing outdoors, but in sunny warm weather. Wherever anyone got the idea I was a mountain dog from, they certainly didn’t consult me in the process. I’m more of your indoor mountain dog. There to keep the hearth and bed warm and ready for my master or mistress after their hard day outdoors. I could herd cattle as long as they were indoor cattle.

At what point in all these interest rate cuts do the principles of banking start to reverse? In some ways I suppose you could argue that it’s already happening. You have to pay to have certain types of account, even if you keep them in credit. But how long will it be before because of negative interest rates, the bank has to pay you to borrow money? When you think about having to pay a bank to look after your money, the man in Japan who buried his money in the back garden, doesn’t look quite so stupid, except for getting it stolen. If I can charge people to leave their money with me it might be worth my setting myself up as the Bank of Alfie Dog, or BAD for short. I would promise to use people’s money for interesting purposes in the time they left it with me. I just may not be able to promise to repay them at the end of it all. It wouldn’t make me much different to the other banks, as long as I can convince the Government to pay back any amounts I might have accidentally spent in the process.