Saturday 7th February 2009

No longer do I have to pace. It wasn’t long after I posted my diary yesterday that I received news that Akai had given birth to four puppies. She has had two little boys and two little girls. Mother and puppies are doing well and I am now jealous of my Mistress who has gone to see them today. I know it would have been impractical for me to go, but this is a big event for every Entlebucher in the country. Our numbers have now reached fourteen, which is a very exciting state of affairs.

Much as I have moaned about the snow, most of it has completely missed us and we can only feel sorry for, or envious of, the rest of the country. We haven’t got enough to make a snowman anymore, let alone to claim that we are snowed in. I suppose I shouldn’t speak to soon as I might come to regret it.

Exciting thing that has happened this week is that my Mistress has finally sent her novel off for consideration by publishers. I keep telling her that all the best authors receive lots of rejections and she shouldn’t be too disappointed if the ones she has sent it to this time don’t ask to see the rest of the book. In reality it just means am having to work all the harder to finish my Woodland Stories so that she doesn’t get published first. I wonder which one of us will be able to take rejection better. I’d like to think I would just nonchalantly wag my tail and give a little shrug of my shoulders, before sending it out to other publishers with just as much enthusiasm. In reality, I wonder.