Thursday 5th February 2009

There is a lobby at the moment trying to ban people dressing up their dogs. As a rule this is probably a good thing. I have no wish for someone to put a frilly tutu on me, thank you very much. However, I don’t think the equation can ever be quite that simple. I would like a set of four dog sized wellington boots as I hate getting my paws wet and cold in this weather. Going barefoot when it’s warm is fine and many humans do it too. It only becomes a problem on very hot ground, when to be honest you lift your paws back off just as fast as you can. But how many of you would consider going out in the frozen icy snow in your bare feet? It isn’t that we choose to, although there are some dumb animals out there who don’t seem to think about it. We do it because you give us no alternative. There is no warmed, covered walkway to get us to our favourite toilet spots. No clearing of the paths so we can run round without slipping. Oh you go out with the salt and grit clearing pathways for you to get to your enclosed cars, but do you think to extend the courtesy to our needs. No, you do not. Why then, when you aren’t prepared to give us indoor facilities, do you think it would be cruel to give us wellington boots. I’m not asking for a fur lines set, just a basic waterproof set will do for me. They don’t have to be in a fancy colour, although if they could match my fur markings so that they are almost invisible it would be appreciated. Either that or would you hurry up with the provision of inside toilets for us, please!