Friday 30th January 2009

Oh don’t you just love it when they come up with the idea of jobs that need doing? My Mistress has realised that even though they are still waiting to hear about the planning permission there is nothing to stop them getting on with wallpaper stripping. Now in my limited experience, wallpaper needs glue to stick to the wall and still has the glue on when it comes off the wall. It still has the glue on when I get the bits stuck to my coat too. I tried to use this as an excuse to avoid having to do any work, but my appeal fell on deaf ears and I am to do my share along with everyone else. Perhaps I should have stuck to the argument that I find it difficult to hold the scraper in my paws. That may have attracted more sympathy. I did think about throwing something about the days of slavery having gone and it being no more appropriate to make a dog work for no wages than it was a human, but then I thought what a cushy life I have most of the time and decided on balance I didn’t really want to rock the status quo, so I just asked for an extra dog biscuit or two as compensation.

I’ve had another hunt round for the green shoots of recovery, but everything still looks a bit on the bleak side outside. I’m not sure if I’ve been looking in the wrong places but the hedge is definitely still brown, as is the mud where I’ve accidentally dug the grass up. At least January is nearly over, not that I’m expecting the sudden appearance of spring quite yet, but I would settle for a little less greyness and a little less wet muddy stuff. It takes ages to get my coat clean after a walk.