Thursday 29th January 2009

I was fascinated by the headline ‘Long jumper hurt after naked leap’. Why would you want to do a long jump with no clothes on? Then I read that it was during warm weather training and I could sort of see a bit more reason, but as I read the article it turns out he jumped off the roof of a house which seems a little less understandable, even for a long jumper.

Is forgetting the same as unlearning? If you learn something is it ever possible not to know it again? Even if you can’t remember it, do you still know it in some deep recess of your mind? As you can tell, I’ve had too much time on my paws and was reading a book in which a man was interrogated and I just wondered what would happen if anyone decided to interrogate me. I am, when all’s said and done, a wimp. I do not like pain. I do not like the thought of pain and I am willing to divulge every last secret I know if someone threatens me. However, I also forget things and it may be they ask me about something I can’t remember. What do I do then? It is not good threatening to torture me if I can’t remember. It isn’t likely to make me remember anything in a hurry although it may get me to make something up as an alternative story. I’d be ok until it came to something they can check. My Mistress said I wasn’t to worry as I was unlikely to be in a position of anyone torturing me for information, but you never can tell. She may think I don’t know anything useful but someone else may see it differently. Besides which, as a political leader I must be at more risk than if I were just an ordinary dog.