Saturday 31st January 2009

Whilst everything is pretty quiet here, it all seems to be happening in Japan. Not only has a man who hid his money in the back garden, rather than putting it in the bank, had it stolen, but a firemen set fire to his fire station. In the case of the savings, the man lost no less than £2.8million, which is an awful lot of money to leave lying around, even if you are worried about fires and earthquakes. If he was worried about fire, it may be that he was friends with the firemen who went out to a call but left the cooker on in the firestation. I shouldn’t imagine he will ever live that one down.

I’ve been thinking about how I explain how things work round here to the puppy when she arrives. Firstly it’s important that she understands where she sits in the pack. Obviously my Mistress is top dog and as things stand, the rest of us are all pretty much equal. I’m clearly expecting the puppy to understand that I am above her in the pecking order, but I will leave it to my Master and James to undertake their own negotiations with her. It’s going to be quite fun trying to explain things to her, which commands to take notice of as they’re in our best interests and which ones to ignore. How to negotiate her own spot on the bed and what will be expected of her if she isn’t to be sent to her basket for the night. She will sleep in with James, so at least I won’t have to make sure she leaves my place on the bed clear, although I do have to have a bit of a discussion over who sleeps where with my master every once in a while.