Friday 23rd January 2009

Oh dear I had to laugh. It turns out that the Lego inauguration might be just as valid as the real thing. The new president got the words of his oath wrong and had to do it all again in private in case anyone questioned his right to be president. That probably makes the original inauguration the biggest fuss about nothing in history. What a record to start with.

Less funny is that a former Russian secret agent has bought an English newspaper. Can you imagine the opposite being allowed? What a great way to spread information to a spying network. If you can write pieces in the newspaper with secret code built into the story then who’s to know? You could place some interesting adverts in the personal columns too. Obviously you wouldn’t be as specific as ‘Russian spy needs to meet with X to hand over brown paper package’ but it wouldn’t take much to put in something with a similar meeting. It sounds more like the plot of a James Bond novel than the sort of thing that should really be happening.

Dogs find it hard to understand human housing issues. It’s hard for our canine brothers when their owners’ houses are repossessed as so many rented houses are prejudiced against dogs. Surely this should be covered under the race discrimination act. Some of our kind may be prone to the odd bit of chewing, but some of the human race is prone to the odd bit of damage. Some of our kind may bark, a bit but some of you shout quite a lot. It is unfair on dogs and their families who are already faced with moving somewhere within their means to have to do so without their beloved pets. You wouldn’t expect the family to leave the children behind when they moved, so why part them from their dogs? We have feelings too.