Thursday 22nd January 2009

I was not impressed to face my annual jabs yesterday. I don’t mind admitting I’m a coward, I’ve never pretended to be anything else, just the sight of the needle is enough for me. That is the point that I want to leave and as for having something stuck up my nose well I can’t begin to tell you what I think of that.

Meanwhile I said to someone that just because the American nation has elected an African American president, does not mean they are any more likely to be able to point to Africa on a map. Their reply made me stop and think though. They said that it did at least make it more likely that the president could point to it on a map and when considering foreign affairs that can only be a good thing. I think they have a point. At the very least the president will give the rest of us less to laugh about than the last one did and I guess from an American point of view that has to be good for their self esteem.

Why does the mud in our garden smell so bad? I have rather ruined the grass in a couple of places, where I run up and down on a regular basis. On one side it is where I bark at the world and on the other it is where I argue with the dogs next door. However, I am finding myself banished from the best bits of the house until I clean myself up and that can never be a good thing. I have asked if some sawdust or bits of tree bark could be put down to stop me getting muddy, however the reply was that I should stop running up and down on those patches and let the grass grow back – where’s the fun in that?