Saturday 24th January 2009

Nobody tells me anything. There I was expecting a quiet weekend when I was bundled into the car and told it was my job to keep the peace between the two boys on our way down the motorway. It’s hardly the easiest job to find yourself sat between a 6 year old and a 13 year old who find entertainment in poking and hitting each other. Excuse me, I’m just the poor mutt sat in the middle, don’t mind me! I contemplated joining in by giving them a good nip every time their hands strayed across my section, but I can’t stand the sound of children wailing and I know it would have been me that got into trouble.

I am now happily staying at my grandparents for the weekend, whilst the rest of the family is out and about causing trouble. I’m hoping to see my cousin Jack tomorrow and catch up on all the family gossip since Christmas. Not that there has been much in the way of gossip. They’re quite a boring lot when I come to think about it. I could try to make some things up just to keep it interesting, but I don’t suppose he’d believe me.