Wednesday 21st January 2009

Well to my disappointment there was no chance of meeting a woolly mammoth yesterday as I didn’t go to training. My Mistress was poorly and spent all morning asleep in bed. I had no choice as her faithful companion but to take up my position next to her on the duvet. The sacrifices we pets have to make are quite unbelievable. I dozed quietly whilst keeping an eye open for if she needed anything. She simply dozed, there was no eye open about it.

The Americans have progressed from inaugurating some Lego blocks to the real thing and quite honestly seem to be going quite crazy about it. Suddenly, because their new leader is such a step change from the old ones, they think that all their problems will go away. I’m only a dog and I may be being naïve, but there is a limit to what one man can do to change a world economic crisis and a number of wars going on around the globe. If they think they are going to wake up tomorrow to find that the USA has become Utopia, they are deluding themselves and will be sadly disappointed. Even I, a leader of a mainstream political party, don’t expect I could change the stupidity of man in an instant. The man they have elected has at least been wise enough to realise you cannot run a country without a dog at your side. What’s the saying? “Behind every successful man, is a dog.” He’s going to need to have someone to discuss all the major issues of the day with. Someone he can trust not to leak information to the press. Someone who will be loyal to the end, whatever that end is. Someone who will always tell him he’s fantastic even when the polls say otherwise. Who better for a job like that than a dog?