Wednesday 7th January 2009

It doesn’t take Einstein to work out that if you don’t top the water up in the vase, the flowers will die. My Mistress looked up from her desk earlier and seemed surprised to see a bunch of dead Christmas flowers looking back at her. She’s not sure precisely how long they’ve been dead although she swears they were still alive when she brought them back from the other house. They didn’t die in vain. It caused my Mistress to potter round the house with her little watering can to enquire after the health of the other plants and flowers. She was about to sit down when I coughed to attract her attention and then pointed to the ‘living’ Christmas tree in the pot outside the front door. I dare say in this weather it might like to be brought inside, but the very least it can expect is a nice drink of water. She asked if she’d forgotten anything else and having thought for a moment I asked if a spot of elevenses was out of the question.

With the sun streaming in through the window, you wouldn’t credit how icy it is under paw outside. I’ve realised I need an inside loo not only when it’s wet, but when it’s too cold to want to put my delicate little paws on the ground. Do my relatives in Switzerland really cope with such snowy and icy conditions without so much as a pair of socks to protect their little paws? I’m not sure if I admire their hardy outlook or think they must be slightly crazy. As it is I’m putting in a request for the family to move to a warmer climate. It still needs to be somewhere with lots of lovely grassy countryside, just without the freezing temperatures. My Mistress is quite keen on the idea too.