Tuesday 6th January 2009

Much as I may be a dog who has never directly studied economics, I am the leader of a major political party and I have to take issue with the Prime Minister. He has announced that he plans to create 100,000 jobs. In a time of recession, you can see his logic but wouldn’t it be better to use the money to support the businesses already in existence but about to go bust. Is it really cheaper to create new jobs than it is to save existing ones? Come to that are the new jobs he plans to create ones that will be of any use to the country as it tries to pull itself out of recession. If he’s thinking of creating 100,000 new jobs to increase the red tape making it difficult for businesses to function, he may just find it counter productive. Nor would many humans applaud the creation of an additional 100,000 traffic wardens or tax collectors. Somebody needs to take a careful look at what the economy needs and see how it is best provided rather than coming out with rash statements that sound good until you scratch below the surface.

The dog eat dog world of politics is a complicated one. All things considered it’s difficult to remain civilised when the uncivilised principles of the survival of the fittest begin to prevail. Perhaps we’d be better with 100,000 new fitness instructors to ensure that we as a nation are in better shape than our neighbours, every person could be expected to do their morning exercises as part of a national get fit programme. This is the sort of policy that would be all right for another party to adopt, but probably doesn’t make that party very electable by a country of couch-potatoes. You don’t see many people out walking that aren’t accompanied by their dog. Maybe dog ownership should be part of the national get fit programme. If I think about this long enough I’m sure I can work up something to our advantage.