Thursday 8th January 2009

There is a bird scarer in one of the fields near here that keeps going off when I’m least expecting it. If it’s this bad for me, sitting in my coddled warmth indoors, in must be very frightening for any birds that are sitting nearby when it goes off. You’d like to think they had the good sense to pick on another field, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve been wondering how susceptible the bird population is to heart failure.

My Master’s desk calendar is showing the same date that it has for the last six months. You may think that means it shows a date from last July, but you’d be wrong. It is showing the 4th of December. It’s a calendar with interesting facts on it. At least they would be interesting if I liked football. In the early part of the year, he got rather ahead of himself and tore off lots of days so that he could read it, it has now been saying the 4th of December since about last March. I wonder if he’d notice of I did something daring, like change it to the 5th?

My Mistress has been writing all the names of her ancestors on a family tree poster. It would have looked quite good if she hadn’t smudged the ink. When it’s drawn out like that, it is much easier to see the gaps than when it’s on the computer. I’m hoping for some trips out to do some research. We need to start with a village dear Durham. I do hope she takes me with her. It’s a shame there aren’t parish records for dogs that we could get hold of to trace mine. Even if we looked at the records there are we couldn’t go back a hundred years for me.