Monday 5th January 2009

We are trying out all the different footpaths and bridleways in the area to see which ones we like best. We went down a lovely bridleway with Highland cattle in a field next to it. However much I might feel a herding instinct when I see cows, I am by nature a coward and can’t think for a minute that I was designed to herd anything with horns. One of them was quite friendly and came over to say hello, but I waved a paw from a distance rather than giving him the customary sniff. Then yesterday we followed a footpath and were left with a serious dilemma. What do you do when the field has been ploughed and planted and not enough room for the footpath has been left at the side of the field? I said we should walk in a straight line across the field, where the path was supposed to run but my Mistress was more diffident and didn’t want to do any harm. She was concerned that it’s hard enough for the farmers anyway without having the likes of me treading on the seedlings. It is a footpath though, so fair’s fair, I want to put my feet on it. My Mistress made me turn round and go back the way we’d come, which wasn’t nearly so exciting.

We’ve still got some paths by streams and rivers to try, otherwise it might be back to the Highland Cattle. My cousin Jack tried one of the river walks and went in the water. I was quite shocked but he said he’d done it by choice, it wasn’t an accident. I don’t think I understand my cousin Jack very well. I won’t even sit on the cold kitchen floor, never mind go in water and at this time of year, it must be fairly cold.