Sunday 4th January 2009

Now I know I’m only a dog and therefore lack the sophisticated thinking of human beings, but there is a certain illogicality, which quite honestly leaves me confused. When it comes to the big issues, humans say they want peace in the world and they say that it is tragic that lives are wasted through war. Adults say they want a better world for the next generation. They say they don’t want the world to be in conflict by the time their children grow up and yet they give those very children war games to play with from a very young age. With the advent of the electronic game tennis and football were found to be boring very quickly and with gruesomely real simulation full scale battles are enacted and re-enacted with the children being brought up to maim, kill, use bayonets, grenades and any form of warfare known to man. I can’t help but wonder what the thousands who died in the trenches, a grim and bitter death, would think of people re-enacting their last moments for fun, as a game. Even dogs don’t stoop as low as that. Oh we may chase the odd duck as our fathers did before us, but we don’t glorify the major dog fights of history. They were outlawed as barbaric then and I see no reason to think they would be viewed any more favourably now. How is it then that same society is blind to what it is doing to its own children? It isn’t even as though the games have remained in the realms of fantasy. Short of a game in which you can see yourself as a three dimensional character actually doing the killing, they’ve got about as bad as they can get. Even if the technology is there I hope the three D version is used to simulate chasing ducks rather than warfare.