Saturday 3rd January 2009

What makes you realise that the year has changed now? I don’t mean do you know that it’s now 2009 and 2008 has finished. If you stayed up until midnight the other day then you will be aware that you were doing it for a reason. However, years ago you would write a cheque and suddenly write the wrong date and say “Oh yes, it’s now 2009”, but you don’t do you? Not anymore. You don’t write cheques. How long through the year could you now go before that slip of the hand that shows your brain hasn’t really registered that the year has changed? I’m wondering whether you could get as far as 2015 and suddenly ask what happened to 2009? Did it slip by unnoticed? Did it happen at all? How many calendars in your house actually show the right date right now? No, don’t cheat and change them before answering. How many calendars are correct and how many of your clocks actually show the current correct time in Greenwich Mean Time?

The jigsaw wars are progressing largely as usual. My Mistress isn’t good at sharing jigsaws with other people. She likes the satisfaction of completing it on her own. I have been specifically banned from helping since the time I accidentally created two pieces out of one, but it isn’t so easy with the rest of the family. She had wondered about doing it at the other house so that no one could find her, but she didn’t think she could justify heating it just so that she could do a jigsaw in comfort. I’m keeping a low profile until it’s all over. It won’t be too long but as always it’s a bloody battle with casualties on all sides.