Friday 2nd January 2009

Holiday season is all but over and life is beginning to return to normal. I was disappointed to find that the dogs are back staying with the traveller on my favourite walk. Now don’t get me wrong, they do no harm and are very welcome to live there, it’s just that I can’t resist the temptation for the argument that the dogs are always up for and so my Mistress has resorted to taking me a different route again, which is a shame because that way is our favourite.

My Mistress is in the process of taking down the Christmas decorations. Most of them are fairly straightforward but there is the small matter of the trees. If it isn’t bad enough that they seem to have shed their needles all over the house, there is the one with roots in the pot outside the front door that someone needs to remember to water. It’s a biggish tree, quite hard to miss but that doesn’t mean it will get remembered where water is concerned. Unlike me, it can’t go up to my Mistress and point to the empty bowl, which could prove to be its downfall. Time will tell.

January always seems such a long month. I’m going to try a new technique to pace myself through the month. I will not get up before ten in the morning and will have a nap for much of the afternoon. I’m banking on the rest of it not seeming so bad, but it isn’t helped by my Mistress’s new ‘spa resort’ calendar with pictures that have even made the six year old of the family ask if we can take him. But then, who wouldn’t want to relax in the perfect blue infinity pool that makes up most of January’s picture. I think she’s just torturing herself. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find that by about the twentieth of the month she has booked herself in for a bit of pampering. I wander if they take dogs?