Saturday 15th November 2008

There is at least one thing my Master and I have in common. We both hear when we want to. Yesterday was a good example. My Mistress called me to come in, when I was barking, but I took no notice. When she shook the biscuit box, even though the door was closed and I was on the outside, miraculously I picked up on its melodious tones immediately. I think it’s something about being shallow, but I may need to ask my Master what he thinks, when of course he isn’t playing on the computer game that occupies so much of his time!

My treat toy is brilliant. As a result of my being so good at it, it turns out that it is now entertaining to humans to give me treats. My Mistress isn’t stupid and is using some of my meal rations on the occasions that she sets it up for me, but the rest of the family are now constantly asking ‘Can we have some treats for Alfie’s toy?’ Now I understand why dog learn to do tricks. I’ll be honest, I’m now ready to shake hands, roll over, dance, you name it, if there is going to be a treat at the end of it. I suppose that just goes to reinforce how shallow I am, although I do like it that when I achieve one of these things the humans around me say how clever I am. Maybe this is what happens when you become an adult. You finally understand how the word works. For reference, I’m still working on being brought my breakfast in bed and never having to go in the bath. Perhaps I could get those covered by remembering to drop my toys by there feet when I’m asked to ‘fetch’.