Friday 14th November 2008

I have the strength to admit when I am wrong and yesterday I can honestly say I was really not right at all. The toy where I have to find the treats is fantastic. I have totally got the hang of it and can keep my humans amused for ages by finding the treats, which has the added advantage of giving me lots of goodies to eat. This is really not a bad game at all. I had to be shown what to do for the first one or two, but after that there was no stopping me.

On the no stopping front, this was not the case with my Mistress’s trip to the library. She had even checked the leaflet that she has to make sure she knew the opening times, however when she tried to go on Wednesday despite the fact they were supposed to be open, they were in fact closed for training. As was the City Archives, as was the local library. Actually to be fair, the local library was simply closed because it was Wednesday and they don’t like Wednesdays but the others were supposed to be open. It meant more time at home with me, so I wasn’t complaining, although my Mistress wasn’t altogether impressed.

Back to the birthday, I was spoilt rotten and even got a whole chicken portion to myself at tea time. It was even better than just being a chicken portion, it was wrapped in bacon and that’s one of my favourites. It’s not a bad life being a dog in this house. I hope that my standard of living doesn’t go down when I’m no longer an only pet. Something tells me it is more likely we will all get spoilt rather than that I won’t be anymore.