Sunday 16th November 2008

It’s been a confusing couple of days. I seem to have spent all my time walking up and down our road between houses. Just because my Mistress wants to do bits at the new house, she seems under the misapprehension that I might like to go with her. It would be quicker to take things up there by car, but no, she seems to think we need the exercise. She may very well need the exercise, I am quite happy to be a lazy dog. It’s not all bad, she’s taken one of my beds up there to make sure I’m comfortable while I’m sitting around waiting for her, although she refused to keep carrying my favourite bed up and down the road every time, which frankly I think is unreasonable.

The new plans do seem to include a shower for me. I’ve never had a shower. I’ve only had a bath before. I’m guessing as it’s much like rain that I won’t like it. It would be warm rain, something we don’t get much of in this country, but rain none the less.

The whole family has tickets to see James in the school production of Oliver, in a couple of weeks, except me! Why haven’t they thought that I might like to go? I can sit still for far longer then Andy can and I can sing far better then my Mistress, if you’re allowed to sing along that is. It is sad how often the family pet is excluded from these major social gatherings. Don’t people realise we are just as proud of the members of our family as any human is. This dogist world really doesn’t take our needs into account. I can feel another letter of complaint coming on.