Thursday 6th November 2008

Well that’s another bonfire night out of the way, or not! I know that yesterday was the 5th of November, I saw it on the calendar and yet people seem to use it as an excuse to have bonfires for a week or so, with most of them having them on a night at a weekend instead of the actual day. Either it is the 5th of November or it isn’t. It’s like holding Christmas on the 23rd of December because it’s more convenient.

We seem to be having a ‘fix it’ week. This is great from my point of view. Not because I have been fed up because of the lack of hot water or the intermittent electricity supply. No, I have enjoyed it because I have had the chance to meet and greet a builder, a couple of plumbers and some men from the electricity board. I welcomed them as only a dog can get away with and none of them seemed too put out. I’d met one of them before, he owns the sheep that come and make friends with me every so often, but the others were all new to me and I have to say they weren’t bad.

We no longer have a dripping tap, pipes that aren’t where they should be, cold water instead of hot or a variable electricity supply. We are reserving judgement on whether they have stopped the pipes trying to play the national anthem every time you flush the loo. I’m not actually sure whether the purpose of that exercise is to stop them making a noise or to tune them so that it is more enjoyable to listen to. It’s ok when it is just my Mistress in the house, but when everyone is here and toilets are flushing regularly it really does get to the point where you can’t hear yourself think.