Wednesday 5th November 2008

Well it’s that time of year again. Time to remember remember to keep your dog tucked away inside all across England so that he isn’t scared by the nasty fireworks. Personally, or rather dogally, my ideal is to sit on the bed with my Mistress watching all the pretty lights out of the window, whilst being safe from all the noise. She says she prefers this too, but is instead going to a bonfire at James’s school. She has told me there is a bonfire and fireworks in the village on Friday night that I will be able to see from their bed. I just hope they remember to leave the curtains open for me.

James was going to be dressing up as Guy Fawkes for his school assembly this morning. We’d even got him a costume for it. Sadly, there was some confusion at school and they did the assembly on Monday when James had to go to the doctor’s so he missed it altogether. We’ve asked him to dress up for us anyway. The least we can do is take his picture. The whole assembly was on safety with fireworks. I do hope the firework was there for his part.

On the subject of safety, when my mistress was on the train in Switzerland, there was a man with two rucksacks getting off at one of the stations. Although there was nothing unusual in that, in one there appeared to be the end of a machine gun sticking out. She said it was one of those moments where you could see several people staring at it, with similar looks on their faces but absolutely nobody did anything about it. What can you do in that situation? You certainly can’t go up to him and say “Excuse me but are you carrying a machine gun?” Actually, I suppose you could, but it may be the last thing you ever said and you probably wouldn’t be around to hear the reply.