Friday 7th November 2008

I don’t like to boast, but my training is coming on. I felt quite proud of the progress I was making. My Mistress is quite pleased with me too. If I’m good then she is going to be trying a whistle out with me. I’m quite excited about it, but at the same time I am trying to manage her expectations. She has this dream of a dog who after one blast of the whistle will stop what he is doing and drop into a lie down position, even when outdoors. I’m sorry to disillusion her, but that’s just never going to happen. Not in my lifetime anyway. Whistle or no whistle, I will not lie down on wet ground. I’ve got my looks to think of and besides, how many older dogs do you come across with arthritis? My guess all the ones who have it had owners that made them sit or lie down on wet ground. Would you make your children do it? No, I don’t think you would. Why oh why do you think it is acceptable for your pet dog?

My Mistress wants me to do some rewriting of my woodland stories. I got quite indignant and asked why she didn’t like them as they were. She said it wasn’t so much that she didn’t like them, it was more that she would like them even more if I changed them. Is it just me, or does that amount to the same thing? She is suggesting I write them in the first person instead of the third person. I huffed at her at that point and reminded her that I started off by doing that and then she made me change them. Women! Why is it they think they have the prerogative to change their minds?