Monday 3rd November 2008

Wilma giving advice to nervous dogs
Wilma giving advice

What one word sums up November? Well for me it would have to be ‘grey’. It describes the weather. It describes my mood. I’m not a morning dog. I would settle for the sun coming out in the afternoon, just for a couple of hours or so. It’s either that or I really need to improve on my hibernation skills. I felt a little cheated when my Mistress described the weather in Switzerland. She said it started foggy but cleared into a nice day. Here, it starts foggy and then moves into a foggy day. I was even depressed to hear on the radio the other day that they thought the fog would lift everywhere except the Vale of York. Why here? Why wouldn’t it lift for us? Is there something acting as a fog magnet, drawing it down into our area and away from everyone else?

On the bright side, the children have gone back to school so we can get back into a more normal routine. For me that involves my own lessons starting again and being expected to do as I’m told, which possibly is not such a good thing. Sadly it also means fewer opportunities to pinch sweets, although if they leave the lid off the tub they had for Halloween, my nose is going to be in the bucket. James had a sweet on a stick and made the mistake of waving it around. The next time he looked at the stick that was all it was. I’d snaffled the sweet while it was waved in my direction.

On a separate and probably more important note, should police dogs carry guns? It’s an important consideration. You see police men and women going into difficult situations carrying guns as a protective measure. However, police dogs get sent into difficult situations without any means of protection, no gun, no bullet proof vest, not even a truncheon or hand cuffs. It can’t be right that our lives are treated with such blatant disregard.