Tuesday 4th November 2008

Most people get excited about a new toy or some new clothes. In my case it is a new bone or a new toy, or for that matter an old toy that had got stuck under the settee for several weeks. My Mistress is currently very excited to have discovered the whereabouts of the mains water tap. To put it in context we have an outside tap that is dripping and while James and I have been contemplating the pleasures of an outside ice rink, my Mistress has been worrying about how she can get it fixed. When I say she has discovered the whereabouts, this is a mild exaggeration. She has been told in what vicinity to look and that itself was a cause for celebration. However, she has just come back from looking and the tap concerned remains elusive. We could be on the ice rink yet! Never let it be said that I’m not up for adventure.

I’ve realised that quite apart from ‘grey’ November has more than its fair share of mud. We seem to have walked a lot of it home. Given an hour or so I had thoroughly licked myself clean but when I looked at my Mistress’s jeans I said ‘what are you waiting for?’ She prefers to brush it off when it has dried, which is such a shame, she misses out on so many of the tastes. I find it a good way to extend the pleasure of my walk. Still I suppose mud is not to everyone’s taste. This whole obedience thing may be getting to me as I walked through a puddle while we were out, without complaint. I’m not ready to go all the way and get into water on a voluntary basis but it is at least a start.