Sunday 2nd November 2008

One of the companions of the girl Entlebucher who is going to have a puppy for us, can’t have any more puppies of her own. My mistress said it was very sweet, she has a cuddly polar bear instead that she spends hours carrying around as though it’s a puppy. I was wondering whether I should do something similar as I can’t be a dad. I could carry my Winnie the Pooh cushion round. I would suggest carrying Miffy but she’s a bit dog-eared and I should know!

There is a book that my Mistress really enjoyed, which is called ‘Are you Dave Gorman?’ For those of you who don’t know it, it’s about a bloke who as a bet tried to find 54 other people called Dave Gorman. You may wonder why I’m telling you this. In the dog world being called Alfie seems to be rather too common. It’s largely on a par with Oscar for novelty where a dog is concerned, although less common than Rover, Rex and Spot. I thought my cousin Dudley had an unusual name, but then met another one of those the other day. However, it seems that my Mistress meets more than her fair share of humans called David Morley. I wouldn’t have thought that a common name, however I would have thought it sounded at least English. She used to work with one and has come across a number of others in England. She started thinking about how you could have fun writing about mistaken identities when she found the French ticket inspector on the train from Paris to Switzerland was also called David Morley. I wonder what it would be like if everyone had the same name? It wouldn’t be too bad for dogs. We’d just differentiate based on smell, but it would really confuse humans; particularly the short sighted ones.